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  Cape Fear River Data Viewer

This is a local copy of an applet developed for the River Run project at UNCW.
(Their site seems no longer to be in service.)

We also have a Powerpoint presentation (675 Kb) that provides a brief description.

Some browsers, such as Chrome, no longer will run applets that are embedded in a webpage.

An alternative is to download and open this file: CapeFearRiver_plotter.jnlp,
which will launch the Data Visualization Tools without using a browser.

You need a Java-enabled browser to run this applet.

As an alternative you can download and open the
Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) file linked above.

More help here.

Note: This data should be considered provisional and subject to change.

Send questions or report any problems with the applet to


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date last updated: Tuesday February 07 2017