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Investigate a community experiment designed to assess the potential of P-free lawn fertilizer in reducing phosphorus levels in residential runoff.
  Interactive Unit Converter

 Temperature Converter

degree Celsius [°C]:
degree Fahrenheit [°F]:
kelvin [K]:

 Length Converter

kilometer [km]:
meter [m]:
decimeter [dm]:
centimeter [cm]:
millimeter [mm]:
micron [µ]:
nanometer [nm]:
angstrom [A]:

mile [mi, mi(Int)]:
yard [yd]:
foot [ft]:
inch [in]:
mil [mil, thou]:

 Area Converter

square kilometer [km2]:
hectare [ha]:
square meter [m2]:
square centimeter [cm2]:

square mile [mi2]:
acre [ac]:
square yard [yd2]:
square foot [ft2]:
square inch [in2]:

 Volume Converter

cubic meter [m3]:
liter [L, l]:
cubic centimeter [cm3, cc]:

gallon (US) [gal (US)]:
quart (US) [qt (US)]:
pint (US) [pt (US), pt liq (US)]:
cup (US):
fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)]:
tablespoon (US):
teaspoon (US):

acre-foot [ac*ft]:
acre-inch [ac*in]:
cubic yard [yd3]:
cubic foot [ft3]:
cubic inch [in3]:

 Weight Converter

ton (metric) [t]:
kilogram [kg]:
gram [g]:
milligram [mg]:
microgram [µg]:

ton (short) [ton (US), t (short)]:
pound [lb]:
ounce [oz]:

Unit Converter

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