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Learn about the staff behind Water on the Web project:

Lindsay Anderson
Rich Axler
Cindy Hagley
George Host
Barbara Liukkonen
Glenn Merrick
Nate Meyer
Kent Montgomery
Bruce Munson
Del Nordman
Chris Owen
Jane Reed
Carl Richards
Scott Robertson
Elaine Ruzycki
Alexander Tokhtuev
Norm Will
  Awards & Recognitions to the Water on the Web Team:


1999 University of Minnesota: Technologically-Enhanced Innovation Learning Team Award for Water on the Web
2000 North American Lake Management Society Technical Excellence Award for Public Education. Received for Water on the Web and Lake Access.
2000 Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals Gold Web Page Award for Water on the Web. Spring 2000
2000 Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Digital Dozen Award for Water on the Web.
2000 Water on the Web featured in Science Magazine
(10 Nov 2000 vol 290 issue 5494).
2001 National Science Teachers' Association - Water on the Web recognized for exceptional educational materials
2001 Sea Grant Program Leaders Award for Water on the Web
2004 APEX Award of Excellence - Communications Concepts, Inc - award to the related DuluthStreams website - special purpose video and electronic publications category
2005 DuluthStreams received the 2004 Environmental Stewardship Award for Media from the St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee.
2005 DuluthStreams received an Environmental Leadership Award for education and outreach at the 4th Annual Minnesota Road Salt Symposium.
2005 The LakeSuperiorStreams project (formerly called DuluthStreams) received a Technical Excellence Award in recognition of "Outstanding Research in Stream and Lake Restoration, Protection and Management" from the North American Lake Management Society
2005 MERLOT Classics Award for Water on the Web
2005 Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) Site of the Month December 2005 for LakeSuperiorStreams.org
2007 LakeSuperiorStreams.org and the Regional Stormwater Protection Team were jointly a Finalist for the Minnesota Environmental Initiative 2007 Education Award.
2007 LakeSuperiorStreams.org received the 2007 Environmental Stewardship Award in the Community/Organization category for the United States from the Lake Superior Binational Forum..


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