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Nate Meyer
Kent Montgomery
Bruce Munson
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Chris Owen
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Axler, R. and M. Lonsdale. 2003 (In Press). EPA Coastlines Issue 13.1 (February 2003) (http://www.epa.gov/owow/estuaries/coastlines) . DuluthStreams: Community Partnerships For Understanding Water Quality and Stormwater Impacts at the Head of the Great Lakes (Note- this story also describes WOW and how it spawned, and is interconnected to 3 EPA-EMPACT community education projects based on real-time environmental data). Coastlines is the bi-monthly newsletter of the USEPA National Estuary Program. It features stories about estuary program efforts underway to protect our coasts and includes citizen volunteer programs, scientific research projects, K-12 educational programs and special events.

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October, 1999. Published Water on the Web overview booklet.

October, 1999. Water on the Web CD developed for dissemination.

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