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  Student Handout #1 – Reporter Assignment

Knowledge Base
Gather the three specialists (meteorologist, landuse planner, and water quality analyst) for a meeting and discussion prior to collecting data.

Experimental Design
Agree on a storm date to investigate based on the dates offered by the teacher. Ask each specialist to describe the strategies they might use and where they will find the data they need. Brainstorm as a group to help each of the specialists. Write down the predictions of the specialists as to how the major rainfall will affect the lake’s turbidity.

Develop a strategy for determining how rainstorms have affected turbidity in the lake in the past. Either write up your strategy as a set of instructions for another reporter, or actually collect historical data about the affects of rainstorms on the lake’s turbidity.

Data Collection
When each of the group members has gathered his/her data, call another meeting.

Data Management and Analysis
Ask each specialist to share their information, beginning with the meteorologist, then the planner, and finally the water quality analyst.

Interpretation of Results
As a whole group answer the following questions:

  1. How did the major rainfall affect the lake’s turbidity values?
  2. Explain why some watershed characteristics may have significantly affected the impacts of the rainfall on lake turbidity values.
  3. Explain why some landuse activities may have significantly affected the impacts of the rainfall on lake turbidity values.

Reporting Results
The reporter has the responsibility to share this information with the rest of the class.


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