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This version of the DVTools uses a compressed data file format. Some of the RUSS data has been rounded in order to help minimize the file size.

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet

Follow the troubleshooting link below for instructions on enabling Java.


Select the sites you'd like to investigate and press the load data button.

After the data has been copied to your computer you will be able to use the Profile Plotter, Color Mapper, and DxT Java applets to examine the data.

Note: The applet windows will close when you navigate off this page

Here are some tips on saving image files of your plots.

This applet was written by Norm Will -- Send him your comments or questions.
The Profile Plotter was adapted and extended from Ptplot 2.0 ( which is available under this agreement.

Go to this page to run an updated version of these tools.

If you are having trouble running this applet our troubleshooting page might help you.




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