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Water on the Web was funded by the National Science Foundation from 1997 to 2005.
WOW is now in a 'maintenance mode'.
We are no longer actively developing new materials, but we continue to seek opportunities to expand the site to new areas and we welcome collaborators that wish to contribute data or materials to the site.
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Within Understanding, you can learn about a number of topics using our on-line primers. Choose from the list below to find out more.


Learn about how Water on the Web collects and manages all of those lake and stream data in Instrumentation.

lake ecology

The Lake Ecology primer explains the connections among the physical, chemical and biological components of lakes.

water quality

Learn about typical imapacts to water quality and the commonly measured chemical and physical indicators of condition in Water Quality.

steam ecology

The Stream Ecology primer explains the connections among the physical, chemical, and biological components of streams.


The Watershed primer explains the connections between a lake or stream and its watershed, land use impacts, and watershed restoration.


Understanding GIS houses the tools you need to view interactive maps of the WOW lakes and streams and their watersheds.




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date last updated: Tuesday June 12 2007